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-Go to see Clem- --With Clem-- No choice 2-Wait, you can't do that!

It's really frustrating that there is no game completion. I'm guessing its a glitch in the game or it was rolled out too early. Not sure if this is a glitch or what not but sometimes (Happens most of the time) If you go in this order..

Now get a taxi and go to the studio now go and see Mila and ask her about Kas now this bit is important...

Mention Christine (Note if you didn't check your email this will not show up!!! 01/02/2018 4 months ago So far you can have a sexy snap from every girl mentionned in the game (and see Robert having some fetish time !

Can't wait to explore some more :) Hope you are planning to make more like this!

Go to your office and go onto your computer to check your email.I'm not posting any walkthroughs as its tooo soon plus I have only got soo far... The points are just worthless they don't change things I cheated my way with the points when you see Clem after the guy asks for her panties since you can keep going back to hers to get them and it didn't change the outcome as I got my points up to 130... However there are many ways to complete the game so i'm guessing there is 2/3 maybe more ways....If you want to speak to Katy on the phone then follow these steps...blackfeather 01/01/2018 4 months ago Absolutely love it so far!A huge step in the right direction as for gameplay..

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This game has been driving me crazy for the past 6/7 hours...

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