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Absolutely  lds dating

Don't depend on dried food for your food storage needs.

It is worthless without water and water is hard to store as previously mentioned.

Long-term situations where survival is in question can include famine and warfare.

These circumstances require different foods and different plans. Ideally, it should be food you are used to eating and should be portable.

Here's a hint: Nobody can carry 50-gallon drums of water anywhere.Even modifications based on age are not helpful because so many things could render it inaccurate such as diabetes or food allergies.A 16-year-old active boy is very likely going to eat more than a petite lady who is 86.You may also hear it referred to by the government as a disaster supplies kit.Once the immediate emergency and accompanying danger have passed, food, fuel, and other supplies could be disrupted for several weeks or months.

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Those big drums of water are fine if you have to stay put, but it's essential to have a variety of water container sizes and shapes. Just about any food you regularly eat can be stored for three months.

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