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About me samples for dating sites

I'm just so used to the AF array covering the whole viewfinder, I could never go back. It is a nice middle ground to old classic series of 50/1.4 that all manufacturers have, and modern heavy ones like otus 55 and sigma 50 art.

It may not have bells and whistles of mirror-less but for still imagery i think DSLR is very relevant.

I'm not saying DSLRs are bad technology either. The shift to mirrorless will continue as time goes on.

IMO if we were to equate mirrorless to a person, it would be like a teenager or high school student perhaps...

Jet aircraft had much more potential (as you can see today) but, their early versions were lacking.

Early jet aircraft had very slow acceleration, short air times, and prone to failure.

The vinyl records lost their market relevance, many factories closed down, but a small niche survived still today.Thom Hogan recently wrote, that for the 18 years or so that we've had DSLRs, the most tangible improvements from model to model was during the first half of that period.The second half has mostly seen incremental improvements of mature technology.He further noted that we're now close to that half-way mark with mirrorless too, and that the coming decade will probably see less innovation and improvements from model to model than we've seen hitherto.He may be wrong, but I think he has a point in saying that mirrorless is now pretty mature technology.

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It's almost a decade since Panasonic released the G1, the first mirrorless ILC (not counting the rangefinders by Epson and Leica).

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