16 18 year old dating florida

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16 18 year old dating florida

She doesn't want us dating and basically told him that we (he and I) were not dating.

I've already decided that if we kept our meetings just to school and the pubilc library then it would be fine, but still going against his mother's wishes.

Furthermore, any individual convicted of statutory rape prior to the law’s enactment in 2007 – and if their case meets the provisions set forth in Statute 943.04354 – may remove their name from the mandatory registration as a sexual offender or predator.

An individual charged with statutory rape in Florida faces several harsh punishments, and must deal with additional consequences for the rest of his or her life.

However, there are exceptions to the “18 as age of consent” law under Florida law.

We have not done anything sexual (unless kissing falls under those guidelines) and I am aware of the law that says it is illegal for anyone under the age of 17 to have sex.

My boyfriend on the other hand has expressed his "desires" but so far I've kept strong.

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